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IRMS360 – The best system for tracking supply chains and inventory control

Whether you’re running a global corporation or a single small-scale distribution center, IRMS360 is the ideal cloud-based warehouse management system for your needs.


Providing impressive control and visibility of all your operations, IRMS360 enables you to maximize your available space and resources, aiding with fulfillment. This software offers a full 360-degree viewpoint over the supply chain with performance dashboards providing visibility in real-time of products, processes, and people as they move through your warehouse floor.

Available on all types of mobile devices including Windows, Android, and iOS systems, IRMS360 integrates seamlessly with a number of MRP, CRM, ERP, and accounting systems. Meanwhile, its extended functionality offers 3rd-party billing, yard and transportation management, demand planning, and labor management.

Whether you are operating in the healthcare, food and drink, wholesale distribution, automotive, metals, publishing, or 3PL warehouse sector, IRMS360 will simplify your processes and improve the service you provide for your customers.

An impressive number of available integrations including Oracle, SAGE X3, QuickBooks, Amazon RDS and more.
Suitable for operations of all sizes and types.
A free demo is available.
Available on all types of mobile devices including Android, iOS, and Windows systems.


The search function isn’t the most user-friendly.

Thứ Ba, 5 tháng 6, 2012

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